Hi, I am Muhammad. Someone who is passionate about research in AI. I love to research on agents that can learn for indefinite amount of time. I love the idea behind evolutionary computation in neural networks, i.e. Neuroevolution, that we want to evolve our neural networks and not to let them stay static. I am someone who believes that a research should impact industry directly, which is why I am also working as Data Scientist, to understand the gap between research and industry.

I have always been in love with games and so now I love to research on games. My external PhD supervisor, Prof. Julian Togelius is one of the renown scholars for AI in games and together with our own Dr. Steve and Prof. Cleghorn, I am researching on games and Open-ended agents.

Apart from research, I wear a family hat to a 4 year old who tries to help me with my research and a wife who stands by me on all of my endeavors. I love to practice Jiu Jitsu as a hobby that is probably going to stay with me for my whole life.

Let’s meet in the lab!

  • Open-Ended Learning
  • Neuroevolution
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • MSc Artificial Intelligence, 2023

    University of the WItwatersrand