Faith Too

Faith Too

I am currently a Tutorial Fellow at Gretsa University, Kenya at the department of computing and Informatics. My work involves teaching Mobile and Web Application Programming. I train students on technical skills in these areas, assisting them in identifying problem-areas, defining software requirements, and designing prototypes that lead to the development of software solutions.

I have a keen interest in the use of technology in solving real-world problems and mentorship

My research interest lies in the use of recommendation systems for personalized learning. My PhD work is focused on Context-aware recommendation system(CARS) that can be applied in a myriad of domains with a major focus on education, particularly in the design of recommendation systems that maximize learning outcomes given the dynamic nature that exists in learners’ contexts over a study period.

Previously, I was involved in mobile app development in Android as part of my MSc in Mobile Telecommunication and Innovation at Strathmore University

  • Recommender Systems